Prairie Dog Rebels
Other Clubs that Hold Cowboy Action Matches
-The Single Action Shooting Siciety is where it all started. You can learn more about Cowboy action shooting. Download there manuals. Check to see if the alias that you want is available. You don't need to join SASS to shoot at the local matches but if you want to go to official SASS matches then you will need to be a member. It doesn't cost much if you do join.
 - Ontario Single Action Shooting Federation is a very good site to see what matches are coming up and where they are. They have a nice classified where you can pick up some used guns.
 - This vendor is located in the US but this is were you can pick up all your western clothing... from head to toe. They always have deals going on so wait for the right time to get your stuff. All you need for CAS is a shirt, jeans, cowboy hat and boots and you are good to go for most shoots but if you really want to get into it and have some fun... looking the part is a great way to go
- is a good place to pick up your guns. They always have them in stock and in different calibres. You can shop on line or in person.